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June 9, 2010

I started this blog on March 18, which means I’ve only been blogging for less than three months now. But already my life feels drastically different. I spend hours each day scrolling through my reader, itching to see what’s going on in the blogosphere. I check my email non-stop, make sure I carry my camera everywhere I go, and spend an hour or so prepping my blog post for the following day. I spend less time trying out new recipes, baking for the sake of baking, and planning meals. Pictures of people I love have been replaced by pictures of things that are pretty. And that makes me sad.

I started this blog, because I loved all things artsy, beautiful, crafty, and inspirational. I loved baking, cooking, and making things for all my friends & family. I loved photography, calligraphy, and decorating. And I thought it’d be so fun to share this with all of you. I also thought it would be so neat to start a small business from the ground up, surrounded & supported by friends from the blog world. Honestly, it has progressed so much more quickly than I expected. I didn’t expect people to read my blog, or even for people to encourage me to start a shop so soon. But all that has happened, and more! So for that, I’m very thankful.

But yesterday, I made the choice to close my laptop & read a book instead. And I loved it. I had forgotten how much I loved reading books, because I was so caught up in the busyness of reading blogs. It really refreshed my soul. So in light of that, I’m taking off the rest of the week to step away from blogs for a little bit & remember what it is that made me want to blog in the first place. To enjoy my husband’s company when he comes home from work, to try out new recipes, to go on a picnic with dear girlfriends, and to spend some quality time with some of my nearest & dearests.

I don’t usually post pictures of myself, but here’s one of me & the hubs from the wedding we attended last weekend. He turns 26 this Sunday & I couldn’t be happier that God chose to create this man to be my husband. :]

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  1. June 9, 2010 6:40 am

    you said exactly what so many of us are feeling. glad i’m not the only one who sometimes feels a bit out of balance when it comes to this! i just started a book myself, The Help and stayed up late reading it last night and, like you, loved every bit of being unplugged! enjoy your hiatus. we’ll miss your darling personality, but it will be good for you to live some ‘real’ life for awhile. enjoy your summer read!

  2. June 9, 2010 7:22 am

    aww.. it is soo great to be soo in love! Awesome picture! xoxo

  3. June 9, 2010 7:30 am

    Good for you! I always try to take some time away from the computer and my blog, especially on the weekends. I try to make my weekends internet & computer free, if possible as I’m on it so much during the work week. I’ve found that taking that time away always helps to get my creative spark going again as well. Have a fun rest of the week off!!!

  4. June 9, 2010 7:46 am

    so cute!

    and yes, take some time off. i sometimes have to take a step back and just detach myself from my computer and this world of blogging. it really is refreshing. everything in moderation i say…

  5. June 9, 2010 8:00 am

    amen, and bravo!
    cathie, this was incredibly well-said. i admire you so. (i think we all do!) i have a feeling a hiatus of my own will be forced on me very soon.. with summer camp starting next week. we’ll see! i wouldn’t mind a dose of real life to remind me that blogging stays on the side.

    as marta said, we’ll miss you! but life is so much more important! have a blissful time being away.

  6. miriam permalink
    June 9, 2010 8:35 am

    how encouraging! thanks for sharing cathie! =)

  7. June 9, 2010 9:47 am

    Eep! You two are adorable. Enjoy your time off, and don’t worry, we’ll be here when you return. :)

  8. June 9, 2010 10:15 am

    cathie, i love your honesty and vulnerability in this post. i know we discussed it a little at milk+tea but blogging is so time consuming, i totally know where you are at friend. i really love and enjoy your daily posts and will miss your blogging but i truly hope your time off is refreshing and that you have quality time with S and seeing friends and getting back to the important things of life.

    ps: nick’s birthday is saturday, the 12th! crazy.. we should take out our boys and celebrate ;)

  9. joan permalink
    June 9, 2010 10:51 am

    good for you, girl! makes me want to unplug too. :) and happy birthday to the original little one! ;)

  10. June 9, 2010 2:18 pm

    Oh, the blog world! I can easily spend hours wandering from blog to blog and then my entire evening is gone. I think it’s great you are taking a small break for your mental health. But I love your blog and think what you are doing is amazing!

  11. jules permalink
    June 9, 2010 2:55 pm

    sweet post, take some time out to enjoy the gifts the Lord has given.

    And Happy Bday to the the youngest!

  12. June 9, 2010 7:37 pm

    You have a beautiful blog! I understand where you’re coming from completely. Enjoy your time off!

  13. June 9, 2010 9:57 pm

    funny… i was just thinking the same thing. I was so stressed today because i hadn’t gotten around to doing my blog post for tomorrow!

    I wanted to rush through dinner and skip our evening walk!

    my hubs thought i was totally insane… and i think i am!

  14. June 10, 2010 9:06 am

    Hiya cutie cathie, missing your post this morning, but glad you’re taking some time off to enjoy all the wonderful blessings offline. Looking forward to catching up in real life mananana :)

  15. Sharon permalink
    June 10, 2010 5:16 pm

    awesome catt! i’m so proud of you. :) love ya.
    oh, and happy early birthday to my fellow june buddy!

  16. bee permalink
    June 11, 2010 2:21 pm

    so encouraged, cathie! thanks for the post and for the great reminders. ;)

  17. June 12, 2010 10:10 am

    Nice. I need more book time. Now that I have an iPhone I am working online when I take transit too. Books… I love books.

  18. June 12, 2010 10:48 am

    We’ll see you after your break from the blogosphere, Cathie. I’m unplugged this week too but that’s because my router and computer are wonky.

  19. June 14, 2010 10:37 pm

    Lovely photo!

  20. November 7, 2010 7:22 pm

    thanks for sharing this! so many of us feel this, but you worded it so beautifully. congrats on the success of your blog and shop – your products are beautiful!


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